Friday, February 19, 2016

Random Happy Time, 36 O'Clock - Nihonjin!
Tiger and Rabbit talked about diversity in western games but what about Japanese games? In this edition of Random Happy Time! they discuss stereotypes common in Japanese culture.


Rabbit: So I know we just did this whole thing about diversity in western games but Japanese games could use a bit too.

Tiger: I always kind of find it strange when Japanese games feature different ethnicities. Like Vanquish, that was kind of funny.

Rabbit: Americans and Russians according to the Japanese. Yeah, it was different. Is it strange that most of the characters of African descent that I know are in Japanese games?

Tiger: Considering the small population there, yeah. Do you think the Japanese characters in Yakuza were stereotyped?

Rabbit: Weren’t they all Japanese characters?

Tiger: No, not all. But you kind of wonder, because you can stereotype your own culture, I’d be curious to know how accurate that game actually was.

Rabbit: (ง •̀_•́)ง There was an interview a while back with ex-Yakuza members who were shown the game and their thoughts on it, pretty insightful.

Tiger: I never think of Japanese games as not being racially diversified though. You have people with blue and pink hair, there are all these crazy cultures, and even crazier settings.

Rabbit: But everyone has the same face and eyes. No really, especially the anime-esque ones.

Tiger: Oh man, don’t get me started on anime characters, those eyes. Talk about a genre that needs some more diversity, while there are a lot of great shows that depicted various ethnicities; some of them are so cookie cutter.

Rabbit: I always liked how British or European characters are depicted as being rich. 八(^□^*)

Tiger: ( ´△`) Americans are fat, stupid, and wet their pants. Oh, and the military is shown a lot.

Rabbit: I think it’s sad that aliens are always depicted as being obsessed with Japanese pop culture.

Tiger: Or how gods are usually homeless and live in vending machines. (^-人-^)

Rabbit: Or that polar bears are meaner than their southern counterparts.

Tiger: ⋛⋋( ‘◇’)⋌⋚ And demons always kill little birdies.

Rabbit: And swimmers always eat mackerel. <º))))><

Tiger: Eh, I think we’re getting a little off track.

Rabbit: (ง ˙o˙)ว They’re so cruel with their depiction of spacenoids! They just want to live in peace with their shiny robots!

Tiger: *sighs*

Rabbit: In other news, we're sorry to announce that TvR will be going on hiatus indefinitely.

Tiger: Unfortunately, this is true. Our editor has run across some health concerns but we hope to be back really soon.

Rabbit: Don't worry Qgers and Qbbits! Tiger Vs. Rabbit will return with new topics, crazy conversations, and more posts about food!

Tiger: *rolls eyes* Or not. Anyway, we thank you readers for being with us for this long and hope to see you all when we return.

Rabbit: ^cries^ I'll miss you so much, Tiger! I'll miss our readers too!

Tiger: There, there. *pats Rabbit on the head* You and I are sticking together so we can come up with more topics to discuss and we'll see our readers really soon.

Rabbit: That's true! I hope you look forward to our return! Thanks again!

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