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TvR Tag Tournament, Round 2 - Is Hockey Better When Played Outdoors?
Tiger and Rabbit took a trip home to California, to watch their beloved San Jose Sharks take part in the awe inspiring spectacle that is the Stadium Series. Joined by Eagle, they watched the Sharks take on their arch rival, the Los Angeles Kings, in the first outdoor game played in Northern California. These furry and feathery friends reminisce about the experience and answer the question, is hockey better when played outdoors?


Rabbit: ^shivering^ Brr…

Tiger: Are you still cold?

Rabbit: Yes! It’s freezing here. I feel like it’s about to snow.

Tiger: *rolls eyes* It’s only 54 degrees out; it’s not cold enough to snow.

Rabbit: It sure feels like it though. I miss the sun.

Tiger: I do too. Man, it was so nice in San Jose, California. A warm 70 degrees out, sun shining, just a great weekend overall. Why are we here again?

Rabbit: ^shaking^ I’m so cold I wish I could light myself on fire.

Tiger: Before we bring in The Partner, let’s talk a little bit about what we did and why we did it.

Rabbit: For the Coor’s Light Stadium Series game!

Tiger: The NHL took over Levi’s Stadium, the home of the San Francisco 49ers, and turned it into an outdoor hockey rink.

Rabbit: So awesome!

Tiger: The game was held on February 21st, 2015 but we left a day early.

Rabbit: Righto! We left super early to give us enough time to travel to the airport and get through security.

Tiger: A whole 5 hours early. Sheesh, I thought it would take forever to get through security but it only took about 15 minutes.

Rabbit: Well, you did take a little longer than me.

Tiger: I have no idea why I had to be scanned twice and then they even patted me down.

Rabbit: Well you are pretty dangerous.

Tiger: *sticks out tongue* Let’s see, after waiting in the airport for 5 hours…

Rabbit: We did have lunch! Fish and chips, yum!

Tiger: We finally got on our flight to sunny San Jose. Two hours later…

Rabbit: Dun-duh-duh-dah!

Tiger: We arrived at our destination. We checked into our hotel, which was right next to Levi’s Stadium…

Rabbit: And that’s where we met Eagle!,2,883&lang=en
Tiger: How was your trip, did it go smoothly?

Eagle: It was smooth sailing, for the most part. Although, my trip was far shorter for me than for the two of you.

Tiger: Ours would've been much shorter if we didn't show up to the airport 5 hours early.

Rabbit: Better safe than sorry! So once we met at the hotel, it was off to dinner. Mongolian BBQ FTW!

Tiger: It was great going back to that place. It's always a hockey tradition to eat Mongolian BBQ before seeing a hockey game. But man it was packed!

Eagle: It was nice of you two to allow me to tag along with your dinner plans. I thought the food was pretty alright. And, you know me... that is a fairly high compliment. The next morning was the best part, though. Rabbit was right on the money with her fear of lengthy lines to be found at the Sharks Store.

Rabbit: ^crosses arms^ Hardy har har. I just wanted to make sure we didn't miss out on anything.

Tiger: By showing up almost 2 hours before the store opened?

Rabbit: You never know! There could have been a run on Sharks beanies or something. Plus, we traveled all that way; I wanted to make sure to get some great souvenirs.

Tiger: I think you got all the souvenirs by the looks of it. I think you buried Eagle in clothes alone, making him carry stuff.

Eagle: I will grant her that... there was a mad rush not long after the doors opened.

Tiger: It definitely did get packed, luckily we were able to escape unscathed. Next up was Nihonmachi or Japantown.

Rabbit: Donburi!

Tiger: Why do we always seem to talk about food?

Rabbit: Because it's awesome. Japanese rice bowls are the best.

Eagle: The quaint shop across the street from the restaurant was nice. I even picked up some training chopsticks. Not for myself, of course.

Rabbit: Kogura Company! I bought a few kokeshi dolls for family and a book about Japanese children's stories. Not for myself, of course.

Tiger: Who are you kidding, it was so for you.

Rabbit: Okay, fine, it was for me but I like those kinds of stories.

Tiger: And what happened next?

Rabbit: More food?

Tiger: *shakes head*

Rabbit: It was dessert this time, ice cream mochi and monaka! Yummy!
Tiger: We took a short break back at the hotel and then it was off to the main reason why we took this trip in the first place - hockey baby!

Eagle: Hockey, yeah... woo hoo... Insert enthusiasm here...

Rabbit: It was so awesome!

Tiger: Once we got there.

Rabbit: Hey, the whole parking lot thing wasn't my fault. They could've used better signs to let us know before we got in line for the wrong parking lot.

Tiger: *sighs* Another line.

Rabbit: We did finally make it and didn't have to wait too long until the Fan Feast opened up.

Tiger: Okay, I have to admit, I was excited about getting our picture taken with the Shark Head.

Eagle: Getting in, though. Seems like they had tighter security than government buildings.

Tiger: Yeah, TSA was easier to get through. Once inside Levi's Stadium, the view from our seats was pretty awesome.

Rabbit: The ice! The pools of water with shark fins! The gigantanormous screens!

Tiger: We still had a bit of a wait for the game to start-

Rabbit: Which we filled by getting something to eat.

Tiger: *pulls Rabbit's ears* Stop talking about food.

Eagle: Not for me. For me, it was filled with being rude and texting someone with my fancy "smart" phone... Although, Rabbit was nice enough to bring me something during a later intermission.

Rabbit: Because food makes everything better.

Tiger: Okay, moving on. So, I was pretty surprised by the view from our seats. I totally thought we wouldn't be able to see the puck from that high up.

Eagle: The seats definitely had a great view. The sheen on that ice, in 70 plus degree weather.

Tiger: Yeah, the ice didn't hold up too well as the game wore on but it was still a fun game.

Rabbit: ^claps hands^ We got to do the Sharks' Power Play chomp quite a bit!

Eagle: After enough Badger-ing by a certain bunny, even I joined in on one.

Tiger: Too bad the Sharks scored only one goal.

Rabbit: Poor Tiger, the Kings ended up winning the game 2 to 1.

Tiger: *throws hands in the air* Freaking LA Kings. Freaking had to be LA spoiling our perfect trip.

Rabbit: It was still a good game, I definitely had fun.

Eagle: Even I enjoyed the game and the, even if sometimes overly enthusiastic, company. However, my glum demeanor never really broke.

Rabbit: Our entire section seemed to lack the usual spirit of Sharks' fans. I did hear Tiger yelling throughout the game.

Tiger: *grumbles* Freaking LA.
Rabbit: So that brings us to the topic of this TTT. Is hockey better played outdoors? What say you Eagle?

Eagle: That is a tough one. So long as it is not freezing, I would not mind attending. The ice in this particular instance would probably disagree. But, the changing and less controllable conditions provide for a more interesting challenge on the ice, which makes for better viewing.

Rabbit: So, is that a yes?

Eagle: Sorry, got a little long winded there... yes.

Rabbit: ^throws up arms^ Woohoo! Eagle and I finally agree on something! Who's awesome? We are!

Tiger: I guess we know what your answer is then, Rabbit.

Rabbit: Yup but I'll let you answer before me.

Tiger: Well I think that hockey is better when played indoors. While the whole experience and atmosphere were great during the game, the ice conditions can't be controlled like they can in an indoor arena. And while our seating was pretty great, I don't think the football stadium seating provides the best views of the ice like the seating at SAP center can. Plus, it wasn't the same not seeing the Sharks skate out of their famous Shark Head.

Rabbit: You're just being a party pooper because the Sharks lost. Well, I say that playing outdoors makes hockey a billion times better. Hearing 70,000+ fans cheering for their team, seeing planes fly overhead, and having a crystal clear night out... it was spectacular and it made a lasting impression. Yeah, the ice deteriorated as the game wore on but just being in that setting, it was an amazing hockey game and one Northern California may never see again.

Tiger: Those moths though...

Eagle: Yeah... one of those dreadful creatures almost touched my face.

Tiger: It was a great experience. I'm glad we got to go together.

Tiger & Rabbit: Thank you for coming Eagle!

Eagle: It was definitely a unique experience. Also, it is more I who should be thanking the two of you for allowing me to tag along.

Rabbit: It was fun, we should do it again sometime!

Tiger: Next time, let's make sure the Sharks win. Go Sharks!

Is Hockey Better When Played Outdoors?

Tiger      vs      Eagle      vs      Rabbit

Random Happy Time, 14 O'Clock - California Contraband!
Tiger, Rabbit, and Eagle discuss the souvenirs they bought at the Stadium Series game. Rabbit also thanks Eagle for helping her procure some contraband that can't be found where she lives.


Rabbit: ^whispers to Eagle^ (。・・。) So Eagle. Thanks for bringing that, you know, contraband for me.

Tiger: Did you really have him bring you another Skylander? (;¬_¬)

Rabbit: ^puts hands together^ Uh, maybe? (/ω\)

Tiger: What did she ask for this time, Eagle?

Eagle: What can I say... she asks nicely-ish. Another exclusive one not found out in the middle of nowhere.

Rabbit: And it is awesome, thanks again for tracking that down for me! 238 Skylanders and counting!

Tiger: (๑′°︿°๑) Oh geez.

Eagle: I am sure you have some oddball collection of your own there Tiger.

Tiger: I don't have 238 of them though.

Rabbit: Don't you? I mean look at all the stuff you bought at the Sharks Store, how did you fit that all into your suitcase?

Tiger: *scratches head* I uh... I brought an extra suitcase for the trip back.

Rabbit: (ノ*0*)ノ What in the world did you buy?!

Tiger: Only four shirts, three sweatshirts, a jacket, two hats, a beanie, a couple of plushies, a mini hockey stick, a couple of pucks, and some stickers.

Rabbit: Only?! (*〇□〇)……!

Tiger: It's not like we go to San Jose very often. I had to stock up. Plus you bought a lot of stuff there too,

Rabbit: ^grins^ Of course I did!

Eagle: Well, I think that is my cue to leave, before I get dragged into this. So, I say adieu to you two. And, thanks, again, for a pleasant time at the game and during the other events of the weekend.

Tiger & Rabbit: (o^^)o Thanks for carrying our stuff at the Sharks Store! o(^^o)

Rabbit: And thanks for the contraband! You’re the best Skylanders smuggler ever!

Eagle: Any time. The both of you.

Rabbit: I wish we could have smuggled back some of the great food. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

Tiger: ( ゚Д゚)<!! Food again?!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Q Attack, Round 9 - Should Classic Movies be Remade?
Tiger and Rabbit hold various childhood movies fondly in their memories but are these titles worthy of getting a 21st century makeover? Should a reboot even be attempted? The pair of fuzzy mammals tackle this question as they discuss their favorite movies and whether they want to see them on the big screen once again.


Tiger: Do you know what movie I’ve been craving to see again?

Rabbit: Let’s see, it has to either be a space movie or it has dinosaurs.

Tiger: That’s it, Jurassic Park. I love that movie; it’s probably one of my favorites.

Rabbit: It’s definitely a good movie. They’re kind of rebooting it too with Jurassic World. I saw the trailer and it felt like an homage to the original.

Tiger: That’s very true but I’m disappointed they used CG dinosaurs. The animatronic raptors were the best part of the movies! I’m still excited about Jurassic World; I’m hoping it will be good.

Rabbit: I wonder if it was really necessary to make a new Jurassic movie. Sometimes I feel like they keep rebooting great movies that don’t need to be redone. I know people like the new CG technology but sometimes the old animation adds character.

Tiger: As big of a Star Wars fan that I am, I know I really could have done without Episodes I-III let alone the new ones Disney plans on releasing. Then again, if they have a good story to tell and can make the movies well, I won’t turn down more Star Wars. Aren’t you excited for the Short Circuit reboot?

Rabbit: Heck no! That movie is a classic and should be left alone. I don’t think it will have the charm that the original had. Sometimes when you create something, it becomes something special all on its own. I don’t think you can try and recapture that magic a second time; it’s like trying to catch lightning twice. I know there are plans to remake Jumanji as well. I can’t imagine that movie without Robin Williams in it.

Tiger: We actually watched that movie recently and it has held up pretty well. I wouldn’t mind seeing that movie done with better special effects though; the monkeys in the original are almost cringe worthy.

Rabbit: Okay, but what about the Shichinin no Samurai remake they are planning to do? I know you were furious about the first remake of that movie.

Tiger: Magnificent Seven did not need to exist. It’s a good movie but the original is still the best! And no, I don’t think they need to do Seven Samurai all over again. So what if it’s in black and white, that movie is probably as perfect of a film that you can get.

Rabbit: I know that they are planning remakes of The Crow and The Birds too.

Tiger: Oh wow, I didn’t know about those. I loved the original Crow for some reason. Not the greatest movie but one of those I always end up watching when it’s on TV. As for The Birds, classic Hitchcock, you can’t go wrong with the master.

Rabbit: While maybe The Crow remake could go over well, I think they should stay away from The Birds. Why mess with something that’s been done so well before. I remember watching the remake of Psycho which was terrible.

Tiger: Not only was that a remake but it was actually a shot-to-shot remake no less.

Rabbit: An absolute waste of money, time, and resources if I say so myself. I’m always worried that they will butcher some of these reboots in the same way. Look at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-

Tiger: That was a travesty!

Rabbit: I know, right?! Not only did they make the turtles look like aliens but the acting was terrible. The best part of the movie was the trailer for it.

Tiger: That movie just needs to crawl into a ditch and die.
Rabbit: ^laughs^ So, do you think classic movies should be remade? I mean, I’m not stating that these movies are timeless classics that every generation needs to watch. But when is a movie good enough that it doesn’t need to be remade? I couldn’t imagine anyone remaking Citizen Kane, can you?

Tiger: Actually, wasn’t that an April Fools’ Joke last year? I thought NPR posted about how Keanu Reeves was going to star in it.

Rabbit: And in 2013 I think someone posted that Quentin Tarantino was going to direct a remake too.

Tiger: Oh geez, I would totally go see that remake if it were true. *laughs* To answer your question, I think that even a good movie can be remade again. I kind of think of it like I do classical music. We both love Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor, Op. 21 – so much in fact that we have a total of fourteen different recordings of it. Now, I’m not saying movies need that many versions but I think that if someone has a new vision of an old movie, that it might be worth doing. So I like seeing remakes done sometimes. I have to go back to Jurassic World because it’s not an official remake but it does have elements of a reboot. It has a new hybrid dinosaur but a lot of the classic elements of the movie. I’m excited for it; I like the franchise enough to watch another movie. And as for the straight up remakes like Jumanji or The Crow, I think those could have merit too as long as they are done well. Just stating that they are a remake doesn’t automatically make them bad movies; it just seems to increase the chances that it will be subpar. So if you have a new vision and want to bring an old classic to a modern audience, go ahead and do it… just make sure it doesn’t suck!

Rabbit: I have to disagree with you. I think that if something is good, don’t mess with it. Why do we need remakes of movies that have already been done before? Look at TMNT, that movie was terrible and it could have ruined the brand if it wasn’t for the TV show that’s decent. And what’s wrong with people nowadays? If it isn’t wrapped up in gorgeous CGI, it seems like no one wants to see it anymore. Like Seven Samurai, so what that it’s in black and white, that movie is timeless. It doesn’t need to be remade because the best version of that movie already exists, the original! If people want to create new visions with their movies, why don’t they try and create something we haven’t seen before. You can’t plagiarize a book so why is it okay to do that with a movie? Nope, I say that the film industry needs to leave the classics alone and go out and make new classics for us to watch.

Should Classic Movies be Remade?

Tiger     vs     Rabbit

Random Happy Time, 13 O'Clock - Movie Toys!
Tiger and Rabbit discuss one benefit of movie remakes, new toys. From Star Wars to Jurassic World, read further to see what toys Tiger and Rabbit are looking forward to the most.


Tiger: So there is one benefit of our favorite movies getting remade or rebooted.

Rabbit: And what is that?

Tiger: New toys.

Rabbit: Yes! I want a new Stormtrooper with the spangly helmet.

Tiger: I’m after those Jurassic World LEGO sets.

Rabbit: We used to have the original action figures from Jurassic Park even though we never saw the movie when we were little.

Tiger: ¯(°_o)/¯ Remember how we made Ian a drug addict who was hallucinating that he saw dinosaurs?

Rabbit: Yes! And the Alan and Ellie characters were the psychiatrists sent to help him only to discover that he wasn’t hallucinating, that the dinos were real. (*゚ロ゚)

Tiger: Yup, good times, good times. I think the LEGO sets are going to be awesome, can’t wait to add them to my collection.

Rabbit: Aren’t you a little old for LEGOs though?

Tiger: Says the Rabbit with a hundred stuffed animals?

Rabbit: It’s not the same thing. They have personalities and feelings, they aren’t made of plastic. ⊂(^(工)^)⊃

Tiger: *shakes head* Right. But no, you are never too old for LEGOs. Plus, I only get a few sets here and there. The Star Wars ones are pretty awesome too.

Rabbit: I like the City sets; I always wanted to have my own street sweeper.

Tiger: I think it’s fun to see the toys again though. Of course Star Wars toys have never seemed to leave store shelves, I wouldn’t mind picking up some new Sith action figures if they look cool. But for me, all next year is about the dinosaurs. Yeah, can’t wait to see that trend return.

Rabbit: (●`・(エ)・´●) I have a couple stuffed Wookies, I wouldn’t mind getting some Ewoks if they have them.

Tiger: You and your stuffed animals. I don’t even know why you have some of these. Like that guy. *points at stuffed animal* What is he even?

Rabbit: ^gasps^ That’s Martin! He’s a donkey. ༼⁰o⁰;༽

Tiger: He doesn’t look like a donkey. More like a deformed goat.

Rabbit: How can you say that about Martin! Apologize at once!

Tiger: It’s true, look at his fat head.

Rabbit: ^to Martin^ Don’t listen to her Martin, she’s just a big ‘ole meany. You don’t have a fat head. It’s proportioned just right for your body. (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Tiger: *sighs* Okay, that’s it. I’ll leave you two alone now.