Friday, July 8, 2016

Random Happy Time, 37 O’Clock – Visual Heaven!
Not to be outdone by E3, Anime Expo also hosted its own array of video game announcements. Rabbit talks with Tiger about the big reveals from Anime Expo as Random Happy Time awakens from its four-month long slumber.


Rabbit: E3 wasn’t the only place where hot new video games were being announced. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و Nope, Anime Expo also got into the action with a handful of titles.

Tiger: You were very excited about these games. I heard you screaming from across the house.

Rabbit: I was nearly moved to tears by the news. Spike Chunsoft and Aksys Games announced that they are working on a port of 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors which is the first installment of the Zero Escape trilogy.

Tiger: The game is only currently out for DS and iOS, which means you haven’t played it yet.

Rabbit: So sad! But Uchikoshi Kotaro, the game’s director, teased a vital steamship! Many believe this is referencing Steam and the PlayStation Vita. Even if it’s not coming to the Vita, I’ll definitely play this via Steam.

Tiger: ( ̄ω ̄) Do you even know how to use Steam?

Rabbit: I have an account… that I’ve never done anything with.

Tiger: At least you have the other two entries.

Rabbit: No! I don’t! I still haven’t received my copy of Zero Time Dilemma. Contacted Amazon and they basically told me they have no idea what’s going on or when it will ship. (▰˘︹˘▰)

Tiger: You’ll get it… eventually. Anyway, back to Aksys who also had a few other announcements about its partnership with Otomate.

Rabbit: Oh! My! Gosh! So many great NVLs are going to be localized! The titles that are coming to the West in 2017 include Bad Apple Wars, Period Cube ~Torikago no Amadeus~, and Collar x Malice.

Tiger: Bad Apple Wars is about a protagonist who attends a strange school called NEVAEH.

Rabbit: It’s a school for literal lost souls who, if they follow the rules and become model students, can resume their life upon graduation.

Tiger: Period Cube follows the heroine and her quest to find her brother who is lost in an online RPG game. Along with her childhood friend, she has to beat the game in order to return to the real world.

Rabbit: Then there’s Collar x Malice, the story of a police officer who is attacked and has a mysterious poison collar is place around her neck. She becomes embroiled with investigating her attacker and meets a group of suspicious men. These men, who happen to be gorgeous, claim to be investigating a series of brutal crimes that may be connected to her.

Tiger: Aksys will also be bringing the Code:Realize fandisc, ~Shukufuku no Mirai~, Westward too.

Rabbit: But that wasn’t the only NVL that’s getting localized, no siree. ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ Sekai Project announced that World End Economica is coming! Thanks to Limited Run Games, it will get a physical edition as well as a digital one via PlayStation Network.

Tiger: World End Economica is from Hasekura Isuna, the author of Ōkami to Kōshinryō or better known as Spice and Wolf. It follows the story of Haru and his quest to stand where no man has stood before. To do that, he’s going to need a lot of money and there’s no better place than the stock market to find piles of money.

Rabbit: There were other titles that Sekai Project also unveiled but they were PC only.

Tiger: That’s actually a lot of otome/NVL games, I’m surprised.

Rabbit: I’m thrilled! I love these types of games and after Amnesia, Norn9, and Code:Realize were all announced; I wasn’t expecting to see any more titles for some time.

Tiger: Aksys also mentioned that they’re trying to localized Hakuouki: Sweet School Life but nothing is set in stone yet.

Rabbit: (o≧∇≦)o ^squeals^

Tiger: If that game comes out in English, you’ll die.

Rabbit: ^squeals^ (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

Tiger: One thing is for sure, it’s a great time to be a gamer. (•̀o•́)ง

Rabbit: I know these aren’t for everyone but I’m glad that they’re coming out. It really feels like the games showcased at E3 and Anime Expo run the gambit and really cover every genre out there. I’m so excited, it just sucks I have to wait until 2017.

Tiger: Gives you time to catch up on all the games you haven’t beat yet.

Rabbit: (/^▽^)/ Saitō and Kento will have new rivals soon!

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