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Q Attack, Round 5 - Should There be More Holiday Themed Video Games?
The holidays are upon us and TvR is joining in the festivities with this holiday themed Q Attack. Tiger and Rabbit talk holiday themed video games and recall their fond holiday gaming moments.


Rabbit: I love the holidays, don’t you?

Tiger: No, because they’re just marketing ploys to get you to spend money on garbage you don’t need.

Rabbit: But they’re fun and festive. Gift giving is great too! I always try to get zany gifts so people know right away it’s from me.

Tiger: Like that one year you gave someone ten boxes of paperclips.

Rabbit: You’re one to talk. You gave a friend a gasmask and a stuffed horse that had a noose around its neck.

Tiger: Don’t forget I cut off one leg and removed an eye too.

Rabbit: ^shocked face^ Moving on. We celebrated Thanksgiving with turkey and Godzilla. Then after Thanksgiving starts the marathon of Christmas movies!

Tiger: You watch those things, I don’t.

Rabbit: On Christmas Eve we make sugar cookies with lots of sprinkles.

Tiger: I always put a ton of those cinnamon dot thingies on the cookies to make it hard for Santa to eat them.

Rabbit: That’s why you’re on the naughty list. ^shakes head^ I’m always so excited when we wake up on Christmas afternoon to open presents! We get to eat turkey again too.

Tiger: That’s not a typo people. She really does sleep in on Christmas, even when she was little.

Rabbit: It’s too cold to get up early. Anyway, we celebrate New Year’s with a Japanese meal. Yakitori! Yakisoba! Miso soup!

Tiger: Our readers are going to think we only celebrate holidays with food.

Rabbit: We play a lot of games too. I still remember getting Spyro the Dragon for Christmas and playing that non-stop during the holiday break.

Tiger: Ridge Racer and Tekken games have become a holiday tradition too, when we have family visiting.

Rabbit: Remember that one Thanksgiving we put the PS3 camera up and had that weird tech demo-ish non-game game playing.

Tiger: Oh, the one where you could kind of paint different things and make strange designs. What was that called... *thinks to self* Oh! Mesmerize.

Rabbit: That’s it! It wasn’t really a game but it was a fun little interactive piece that used the Eye. We always turned that on in the living room for family to mess with during the holidays. I think of Ratchet & Clank as a holiday series even though there’s not a single holiday mentioned in that game. I used to try and beat every game in the series during Christmas break; it was like my very own Lombax speed run.

Tiger: Assassin’s Creed has the habit of feeling like a holiday game just because it always gets released in November. Is it strange that I get a “Christmas Eve” vibe from Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward?

Rabbit: Yes, that game has nothing to do with Christmas.

Tiger: I know, I just can’t help feeling like that could happen on Christmas Eve.

Rabbit: ^raises eyebrow^

Tiger: There are actually a few holiday themed games we play too. Or at least games that are set around the holidays. A big tradition is playing Costume Quest during October.

Rabbit: I love Costume Quest! It’s such an awesome game and the Halloween theme is so fun. I’m glad they made a sequel.

Tiger: I think that is Double Fine’s first sequel too. Their games are always catchy but I have to admit, Costume Quest is my favorite out of all of them.

Rabbit: I love the unicorn costume.

Tiger: Of course you do. They even had that Christmasy DLC as well, Grubbins on Ice. I know Saint’s Row IV and Borderlands 2 also had some Christmas themed DLC.

Rabbit: I remember in Bully, part of the game was set during the holidays.

Tiger: Yakuza.

Rabbit: What?

Tiger: The Yakuza series is always set around Christmas time. That to me is the most holiday-centric game I have ever played. I usually try to play those near Christmas. The lights from the Red Light District are so festive.

Rabbit: Saint’s Row? Borderlands? Yakuza? I don’t think those are what I would consider “festive” games. Santa needs to permanently ban you from the Nice List.

Tiger: Do you remember all the time we spent in PlayStation Home over the holidays to get the various holiday themed pets and what not?

Rabbit: ^eyes go wide^ OMG! I totally forgot about that. We used to do that every year. That and go for the E3 festivities. Home was pretty fun, especially when you played with friends. I bought so many apartments and furniture sets in there. I think that was my favorite thing to do. I like having those opportunities. So many of our friends we only know online so we can’t celebrate holidays together.

Tiger: You just want one of those Christmas parties ala Lucky Star or Persona 4: The Animation.

Rabbit: Or go to a theme park for Christmas like on Cardcaptor Sakura. Ah, Yukito. I just think the holidays are a time to spend with friends and family so it’d be neat to have a multiplayer game we could do that with. Maybe Destiny will have Christmas themed aliens we can kill.
Tiger: So I take it you want more holiday themed games?

Rabbit: Yes, I do enjoy them! I wish we had more of them! I love having a game like Costume Quest that I can play every year to help me celebrate Halloween. There’s nothing like eating turkey and then playing a video game to help you celebrate! I’d love for there to be more holiday themed games out there. It’d be fun to get everyone online and celebrate virtually together. What about you?

Tiger: I’ll pass. As much as I love Costume Quest, it’s bad enough that the holidays invade every other part of our lives; I don’t want to see video games do the same thing. There’s holiday junk in all the stores, you hear the Christmas music from dawn until dusk in December, and even TV shows get into the festivities. No, thank you. Costume Quest was an anomaly for me. It’s a solid game that just happens to have a holiday theme, that’s how I see it. Nope, you can keep all the jolly holiday spirit to yourself. I’m going to stick to my humbug ways.

Rabbit: I hope Santa gives you coal for Christmas. Anyway, that’s it from us! I hope all you Qgers and Qbbits have a great holiday season! Even if you’re a bah-humbug like Tiger, I hope you get to play a ton of games!

Should There be More Holiday Themed Video Games?

Tiger     vs     Rabbit

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