Friday, December 5, 2014

Random Happy Time, 7 O'Clock! - Holiday Traditions!
Rabbit gets sentimental in this edition of Random Happy Time! as she and Tiger discuss a few holiday traditions. From past traditions to current favorites, Rabbit walks down memory lane, dragging Tiger in tow.


Rabbit: Howdy Qgers and Qbbits! We’re here today to talk about holiday traditions!

Tiger: Didn’t we already discuss some of these already.

Rabbit: I want to chat more about them. Like why we always watch Godzilla on Thanksgiving!

Tiger: (-‸ლ) It’s the terrible Mathew Broderick one too.

Rabbit: We also watch the original one sometimes. Anyway, it always seemed to rain on Thanksgiving where we used to live.

Tiger: There’s a lot of rain in Godzilla too.

Rabbit: Exacto! ヽ(´ー`)ノ That’s why it became a Thanksgiving tradition to watch that movie after dinner. There are a few traditions we don’t do anymore. Do you know which one I miss the most?

Tiger: Which one is that?

Rabbit: We used to open a few presents on Christmas Eve. It wasn’t so much getting to open the presents that I miss, but the reason why we did that.

Tiger: Ah yeah, I remember. We used to open our grandparents gifts on Christmas Eve. Oftentimes they even came over for dinner and everything. Both sets of grandparents have been deceased for a while now so…

Rabbit: We could always tell what we were getting from Nana. She usually gave us one surprise gift but one present was always her handmade slippers.

Tiger: I have so many pairs of those things.

Rabbit: You never wore them. I wore mine all the time that I needed a new pair by the time the next Christmas rolled around.

Tiger: That’s exactly why I didn’t wear mine; I knew one day there wouldn’t be a next pair. So I just save them.

Rabbit: Now I’m all sad. ^sniffles^

Tiger: We do have a new Christmas tradition; do you know what it is?

Rabbit: What?

Tiger: Snow!

Rabbit: Yay! Wait… I don’t like snow. (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

Tiger: Neither do I, it’s just wrong. I do remember the first time we saw snow, we were still pretty little.

Rabbit: I thought the world was ending. I thought snow was what happened when the clouds died and that we’d all die from lack of water. (x_x;)

Tiger: That’s actually kind of coming true down there now.

Rabbit: It’s true that we seem to get snow every Christmas up here. Man, I miss the days when Christmas meant a nice sunny day.

Tiger: Okay, so what did you ask Santa for this year?

Rabbit: I asked for a giant stuffed toast! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿 What about you?

Tiger: I asked for a new controller, the camo Dualshock 4! (^~^)

Rabbit: Well I hope we get what we asked for. If you asked Santa for more TvR, you’re going to get your wish! Until next time!

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