Friday, June 19, 2015

Random Happy Time, 20 O’Clock - George the Thirteenth!
There’s still more to discuss from The BlazBlue: Experience at Sakura-Con 2015. Tiger and Rabbit share their thoughts on a special match up and voice their concerns over the fate of Rachel Alucard in this issue of Random Happy Time!


Tiger: There’s still more from The BlazBlue: Experience that we didn’t get a chance to talk about yet. 〜(^∇^〜)

Rabbit: Huzzah! Like why the controls were originally set to Stylish and who ended up playing as Rachel Alucard.

Tiger: So before the Chrono Phantasma Extend finals started, the audience was treated to a head-to-head battle featuring none other than Ueda Kana, voice of Rachel Alucard, and Mori Toshimichi, the game’s designer.

Rabbit: (*^^*) This was a funny section of the event. Ueda apologized to DSMoove12 for leaving the game set to Stylish, she was practicing for her match again Mori.

Tiger: Of course Ueda picked Rachel but no one knew who Mori was going to pick. He ended up picking random and was stuck with V-No.13- aka Nu-13.

Rabbit: (*゚ロ゚) Mori’s Nu was really impressive, leaving Ueda’s Rachel with no chance to attack. Ueda used George the Thirteenth and was able to chip away at Nu’s health but unfortunately, Nu was able to overpower Rachel and win the first round.

Tiger: The second round was more of the same with Nu going on the offensive and Rachel forced to dodge the turret attacks. But some sneaky work by George helped to tip the table in Rachel’s favor leaving it tied one-to-one.

Rabbit: The final round commenced and Rachel went all out, pinning Nu against the left side and unleashing some killer combos. Finally, she finished off Nu with her special attack. O(≧▽≦)O

Tiger: ヽ(^。^)丿 Congrats to Ueda-san!

Rabbit: I gotta wonder if Mori threw the match. He did create this game; he should know literally everything about this game and to lose to a voice actor.

Tiger: Ueda is a big gamer so it’s not like she doesn’t play at all but I get where you’re coming from. Only time will tell.

Rabbit: How so?

Tiger: If Rachel sucks in the next game, we’ll know that Mori didn’t throw the match.

Rabbit: ^laughs^ He wouldn’t do that, would he? ( •᷄⌓•᷅ )

Tiger: *smirks* I know I would. (◣_◢)


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