Friday, August 21, 2015

Random Happy Time, 24 O’Clock! - Weekender Bender!
After discussing Dragon Age: Inquisition, Tiger and Rabbit continue their chat about long video games. They discuss how they work video games into their busy lives and how they tackle games that take 100+ hours to beat.


Rabbit: So how do you even have time to play Dragon Age anyway?

Tiger: Oh geez, it’s pretty hard to fit in, especially since we really only play video games on Saturday anymore.

Rabbit: Or the Friday night benders I know you do.

Tiger: Yeah, yeah, those too. I really feel like when I play DAI, it’s a lot less “I want to finish this mission” and more “let’s see what I can experience today” type of mentality. I find that playing games like DAI, and yes, TES-

Rabbit: ^sticks out tongue^ Pssht.

Tiger: -that can take over a hundred hours to play through, that I really just make my play time about what I want to do or experience versus trying to accomplish set goals. I really enjoy spending a few hours in Thedas or Skyrim and going where ever my adventures lead me. You on the other hand…

Rabbit: Cram as much gaming as possible into the few hours I have to spare. Yes, I like maximizing what I can accomplish. I always try to reach certain benchmarks before the weekend is over, that way I can plan on beating a game by a certain date.

Tiger: You know it’s kind of strange that you have the more laid-back personality yet you burn through your games so quickly.

Rabbit: And you’re high-strung in real life yet you just chillax in all of your games.

Tiger: Hey, I’m not high-strung I just like to make sure everything is planned out ahead of time.

Rabbit: You plan your life down to the second; that to me is high-strung.

Tiger: Well, I don’t like to wing it like you do. Never thinking ahead, always expecting it to just “work out” in the end.

Rabbit: At least I know I’ll beat my video games, eventually. You may never beat DAI.

Tiger: I bet you I can and I will.

Rabbit: You’re on! Loser has to make a cake for the winner.

Tiger: Wait, that just benefits you either way.

Rabbit: It’s a deal!

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