Friday, January 15, 2016

Random Happy Time, 34 O’Clock - Missed Opportunities!
After discussing past and current funded Kickstarters, Tiger and Rabbit talk about the projects they wished they had backed. From albums later purchased to neat tech projects, these fuzzy friends review missed opportunities.


Tiger: I know I came down hard on Kickstarter but there are a lot of projects that wouldn’t have happened without it.

Rabbit: Like Penka Kouneva’s album the Astronaut Woman. ヾ(・ω・o)

Tiger: ੨( ・᷄ ︵・᷅ )シ I was so sad that I missed that Kickstarter project! We bought the album but it was already over when I heard about it.

Rabbit: Same with Jeremy Soule’s album, we totally missed that one on Kickstarter too. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

Tiger: Or the Doubleclicks’ first project. Again, bought that album after it was done but totally missed the Kickstarter project.

Rabbit: There have been some pretty cool tech and gadget projects too.

Tiger: I funded the pocket PC before pulling my pledge a few days later. It was an awesome concept but I didn’t have the funds to spare at the time and no need to really own one.

Rabbit: A lot of the video game projects sound cool too but they take forever.

Tiger: Most are for PC as well.

Rabbit: We almost backed Mighty No. 9 and Red Ash. o(-_-;*)

Tiger: Red Ash was a terrible, terrible Kickstarter. I wasn’t shocked at all to see that it failed.

Rabbit: (゜◇゜) The anime was backed though, that surprised me.

Tiger: I really wanted the game to succeed too since I’m a huge Mega Man Legends fan.

Rabbit: If you could Kickstart something, what would it be?

Tiger: I’m not that creative, I don’t have any cool invention ideas or things like that.

Rabbit: How about recording a musical?

Tiger: We’d have to write one first. φ(..)

Rabbit: Creating a brand new kind of pie!

Tiger: You can’t even make an apple pie, how are you going to come up with a new one?

Rabbit: (˳˘ ɜ˘)˳ ♬♪♫ How about a CD with me singing?

Tiger: (⌐■_■)–︻╦╤─ How about a rabbit hunting trip? /(=∵=)\

Rabbit: ^shocked face^ That’s just wrong. It does amaze me how uncreative some Kickstarter projects are.

Tiger: Didn’t someone make thousands of dollars to record a spaghetti cooking video?

Rabbit: Yeah and then there was the one creator who wanted five thousand dollars to take pictures of herself in a bathtub full of bubble gum balls.

Tiger: *shakes head* People are scary, man, very scary indeed. Robots, I vote for robots. ┗[© ♒ ©]┛

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