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Q Attack, Round 15 - Are You Hyped about E3 2015?
Tiger and Rabbit decide to tackle E3 2015 in this rapid fire version of Q Attack. Taking their personal highlights from the press conferences and games from the show floor, Tiger and Rabbit talk about which games they’re hyped for and which ones were duds.


Tiger: Hey Rabbit! Guess what?

Rabbit: You hear bells chiming to announce that an unholy Union is nearby?

Tiger: Err, no, I don’t even…

Rabbit: ^chortles^

Tiger: *shakes head* It’s time for our E3 2015 coverage! This will be the first E3 we’ve talked about on TvR.

Rabbit: ^claps hands^ Ooh, this should be fun. Are we going to milk this for the next couple of months?

Tiger: Actually, I thought we’d do something different and answer the same question for the different games that were announced during this year's E3 in one gigantic edition of Q Attack.

Rabbit: Great idea, let’s do it! I want to pick the games though; I know there are a few that you’ll skip over.

Tiger: Fine, fire away.

Rabbit: One, two, seino!
Tiger: The first presser of E3 was the debut of Bethesda Softworks and they started with a lot of blood and guts.

Rabbit: The best way to do it. They finally showed off Doom, which was revealed behind closed doors at QuakeCon.  What did you think of this game?

Tiger: I was impressed; it looked gorgeous and ran smoothly. The environments looked great; I also loved the weapons and their effects.

Rabbit: The plasma rifle or whatever it's called was especially pretty.

Tiger: And those gorgeous melee kills. Wow.

Rabbit: Icky.

Tiger: What? You didn’t like the gore-fest?

Rabbit: Ultra uber violence isn’t my cup of Sunny D but I can see why people are interested in it.

Tiger: Well, even though I’m not a big Doom player, it’s definitely on my radar. Plus, I like that it looks fun to play in both single-player and multiplayer modes. With some shooters, the campaign can be quite tedious.

Rabbit: I think I’ll leave it up to you to find out for the both of us. I can say that it was one crazy way to kick off E3.

Are You Hyped for Doom?

Tiger     vs     Rabbit
Tiger: Admittedly, we had an arm wrestling contest, coin toss, and a staring contest just to pick who got to give this next game a thumbs up.

Rabbit: Technically, we both would like to but the paradox would obliterate the TvR universe!

Tiger: We’re talking about Fallout 4 people! Fallout 4! I’m a huge fan.

Rabbit: So am I.

Tiger: I think I’m the bigger fan.

Rabbit: You just like to blow stuff up with teddy bears and use VATs on people. I love Fallout for its story. Speaking of which, I think it’s awesome we will be able to see the pre-apocalypse world before going into Vault 111.

Tiger: Lots of cool things revealed about this game, almost too many to talk about. I’m really glad that all the useless junk you collect finally has a purpose in crafting. All those tin cans… *shudders* So many to pick up.

Rabbit: I want to build an awesome house to live in and one for Dogmeat!

Tiger: We should actually be able to find him this time, since he seems to be a big part of the game.

Rabbit: I want a cute ‘iddle puppy! He can't die either which is awesome, because if he did, I'd cry.

Tiger: I take it you’re hyped for this game?

Rabbit: I actually am pretty hyped up for Fallout 4. It’s been a long time coming and I really like the idea of the new additions. What about you?

Tiger: Since we can’t destroy our universe with a paradox, I will say that I’m not very hyped for this game. It’s not because I don’t want to play it but it’s because I already know what I’m going to get with it.

Rabbit: And what’s that?

Tiger: Pure awesomeness, so my expectations are already set. If anything, I could potentially be disappointed with it since I’ve set the bar so high for this game already.

Rabbit: ^shakes head^ Harsh man, harsh.

Tiger: I think the biggest part of this announcement was 11.10.15, don’t have to wait long.

Rabbit: I know what I’m doing with the rest of my year.

Tiger: Wait, we only have one PS4 and I called dibs.

Rabbit: Sonna hidoi!

Are You Hyped for Fallout 4?

Tiger     vs     Rabbit
Tiger: Switching publishers, up next is Mass Effect: Andromeda which just got a trailer, no actual gameplay footage.

Rabbit: ^hands clasped together^ It brought tears to my eyes.

Tiger: I just finished Mass Effect 3 recently and I have to say it was a pretty good game.

Rabbit: Pretty good? It’s an amazing game and the story of Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy is unparalleled.

Tiger: But Shepard is dead.

Rabbit: Way to spoil it for our readers! And technically the Commander could still be alive.

Tiger: Yeah, I got that ending and I thought it was stupid.

Rabbit: You think any ending that doesn’t end with everyone dying is stupid.

Tiger: Point taken. But c’mon, you really think you’ll be able to fall in love with a new lead character and a new cast of characters?

Rabbit: I’m actually hoping that no one from the original trilogy shows up because I want to fall in love with new people. It was hard seeing Leliana in Dragon Age: Inquisition without my character from Origins there. It was like “She’s my girl but she’s not my girl cause I’m a different dude” sort of feeling.

Tiger: *scratches head* I don’t know how to segue out from that… you hyped?

Rabbit: ^flashes big toothy grin^ Totally!

Are You Hyped for Mass Effect: Andromeda?

Tiger     vs     Rabbit
Tiger: Up next is a game that I had little interest in until it was shown off at E3.

Rabbit: Barbie and Her Sisters Puppy Rescue?

Tiger: You know something? Maybe I should do this on my own.

Rabbit: But then it wouldn’t be TvR, it would be TvT and that kind of looks like a pointy-nosed man crying and you don’t look like a pointy-nosed crying man.

Tiger: I’m just going to pretend that didn’t happen. So Star Wars! It’s kind of a big thing right now with the animated shows and the new movies. Now, we also have one of the best Star Wars video games coming back in glorious high-definition. Star Wars: Battlefront!

Rabbit: ^pew pew^

Tiger: It has Jedi versus Sith-

Rabbit: ^vrrrooom crash keeeesh^

Tiger: Vehicles like the classic AT-AT and my favorite, the Incom Corporation T-47 airspeeder, AKA the snowspeeder-

Rabbit: ^ka bash ka boom^

Tiger: *turns to Rabbit* What the heck are you doing?!

Rabbit: I’m adding dramatic sound effects like all Star Wars movie have.

Tiger: Just… just stop, please just stop.

Rabbit: I definitely thought this was one of the best looking games demoed at the show but I still don’t like that it's heavily focused on multiplayer. I was hoping there would be a little more to the single-player mode but it sounds bare-bones to me.

Tiger: It has epic Star Wars characters in epic Star Wars battles! Running stunningly on current gen systems and features amazing settings! It has freaking snowspeeders!

Rabbit: I guess that means you’re excited?

Tiger: I’m ecstatic!

Are You Hyped for Star Wars: Battlefront?

Tiger     vs     Rabbit
Rabbit: Here are four words I never thought I’d see together: NieR by Platinum Games.

Tiger: Oh man, yeah, wow.

Rabbit: I don’t see how your response is any different than me replying with sound effects.

Tiger: This, this is a dream come true. A dream I didn’t know I even dreamt ‘cause its awesomeness is unfathomable. Platinum Games, NieR, Okabe… so hyped.

Rabbit: I forgot you were a Drakengard fan.

Tiger: Yes, NieR is a spin-off series based off of Drag-On Dragoon’s fifth ending. I know the trailer didn’t show much but the art looked like… like… a dragon flying over the heavens spewing flaming gold coins onto the land.

Rabbit: That beautiful, huh?

Tiger: My eyes almost got moist. It’s not Vanquish 2 but it’s sure damn close.

Are You Hyped for NieR by Platinum Games?

Tiger     vs     Rabbit
Rabbit: It’s now time to practice our French accents and talk about a new IP from Ubisoft Entertainment. It’s a melee combat game that features samurai, knights, and Vikings called For Honor.

Tiger: This game kind of touched on a childhood fantasy of mine.

Rabbit: Having a group hug with a bunch of hairy men?

Tiger: Of course not! No, being a noble knight and chopping off my enemies’ heads.

Rabbit: ^sighs^ I should have known. The 4v4 demo was surprising to see at the presser but I wasn’t overly impressed with what I saw. The combat looked slow.

Tiger: I’m assuming it has a more advanced counter/parry combat system similar to what Assassin’s Creed was trying to do. I think that’s why it looked more like a true duel versus an all out hack ‘n’ whack fest. I think strategy is key when you go against another player which I can dig because it makes it more of a challenge.

Rabbit: I wouldn’t mind playing as a samurai but if all you’re doing is fighting 4v4 to storm someone’s castle, I think it would turn boring very quickly.

Tiger: We still haven’t seen enough to say what it’s completely about but I love Ubisoft Montreal so I’m really hopeful this could turn into a fun game.

Rabbit: I still just think you want a hug from a Viking.

Are You Hyped for For Honor?

Tiger     vs     Rabbit
Tiger: Finally, it’s time to talk about Tom Clancy’s The Division!

Rabbit: And Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Tiger: Nani?

Rabbit: If I let you talk about all of these games separately, this long Q Attack will turn into an endless one. Plus, I know you’re going to have the same answer for all three games.

Tiger: Fine, but I am going to talk about each one at least a little bit, starting with The Division. Wow, we finally got to see the Dark Zone or what is the PvP area of the game. Running into other teams could mean an all out battle for supplies or newfound allies in your fight to survive.

Rabbit: I thought it was a really jerk move of Ryan to betray his team at the end of the demo.

Tiger: Seriously, if you ever do that to me in this game, I will disown you.

Rabbit: Stop bopping me on the head and you have a deal.

Tiger: *shaking fists* Now R6 is my baby. My baby! R6 is back, booyah! After Patriots died a horrible death, I was worried I’d never see my beloved franchise return but return it has and with a vengeance. I’m excited to rock out with some of the best operators in the world to hunt down terrorists in highly destructible locales.

Rabbit: Am I gonna get stuck holding the shield again?

Tiger: But you do so well being the bait.

Rabbit: The Ghosts game is what really surprised me.

Tiger: Yes, open world Ghosts? Give it all to me!

Rabbit: They didn’t seem as high tech this time around.

Tiger: No, but all you need is a gun and a lot of bullets if you're a Ghost. Hunting down a drug cartel in a sprawling world with vehicles will make up for the lack of gadgets. They may reveal more weaponry and tech too, at a later date.

Rabbit: I’m not sure how they’re going to differentiate this from The Division though. Think about it, I know the settings are different but both games feature operatives in open world environments.

Tiger: Ubi didn’t say if Wildlands is an MMO so it could just be a four player co-op game and/or single-player with AI. I’d assume they’d have drop in and drop out play, which would be rad.

Rabbit: Not too rad or you’d need a Pip-Boy.

Tiger: I already got mine preordered. Granted Wildlands is the one game we don’t know much about and I’m not expecting to see it anytime soon. All I can say is that Tom Clancy games are some of my favorites and I’m stoked to know that we’re getting three great titles!

Are You Hyped for Tom Clancy's The Division, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege, and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands?

Tiger     vs     Rabbit

Rabbit: Next up is Sony’s press conference that brought back The Last Guardian from the dead!

Tiger: I never thought in a million years we’d actually see this game again.

Rabbit: ^points finger^ That’s what you get for not believing. I always knew that I’d see my ‘iddle big bird dog again!

Tiger: Little? Bird dog?

Rabbit: ^whispers^ Trico, my precious.

Tiger: *shakes head*

Rabbit: I’m so excited for this game, I loved ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, there’s nothing quite like the art style of those two games.

Tiger: The Last Guardian does retain the same vibe of the previous games. You can always spot an Ueda game, always, there’s nothing out there quite like it. I do wonder if it’s still on PS3 or if they’ve moved it to PS4.

Rabbit: Maybe they’ll do both like Persona 5. No matter, I will get it on every console it’s released on!

Tiger: I just wished they showed us a little more. I know the demo on the show floor was longer but I was hoping to see more of the environment than what we saw. It basically looked like the original video from ten thousand years ago.

Rabbit: True, but I’m sure we’ll start seeing more in due time.

Tiger: Think there will be any open world areas ala SotC or will it stick with ICO’s tight levels?

Rabbit: Since we saw a mixture of both games’ play styles, I’d guess the environments will be a mixture of both as well so I’m hoping to be able to fly my buddy around some wide reaching plains.

Tiger: You excited?

Rabbit: Am I? AM I? ^squeals^ I’ve been waiting since the dawn of time for this game, of course I am!

Tiger: I don’t think I’ve heard you scream like a giddy little basketball player over a game in years.

Are You Hyped for The Last Guardian?

Tiger     vs     Rabbit
Rabbit: ^shakes head^ Guerrilla games, you make games I don’t like and then when I’ve given up on you, you pull Horizon: Zero Dawn on me. Robot dinosaurs, a female protagonist who wields a bow, and loincloths… it’s like the perfect trifecta.

Tiger: *raises eyebrows*

Rabbit: Bare with me here. It’s an action RPG that has you hunting robot creatures for supplies with some pretty basic weapons. It’s not guns and jetpacks, it’s crossbows and strategy. This is such a huge departure from anything, anything we’ve seen this year.

Tiger: I will definitely give you that, not only did this game look amazing but it looks like nothing else at Sony’s press conference or even at the show.

Rabbit: With almost every game looking phenomenal at this show, design and setting help a game to stand out and Horizon does just that. I know it’s early, I know we didn’t see much, but I have a good feeling about this game.

Tiger: Even though you don’t like the dev?

Rabbit: I’ve always found Killzone games to be very pretty but very boring, and I'm not that shallow of a person to love a game on looks alone, like someone I know. ^points at Tiger^ Killzone lacked substance but I’m hoping that Horizon’s already deep narrative will be utilized to the fullest. I mean, they said that there are two apocalypses that happen before the game even starts! That’s one insane story so I hope they keep it rolling and make a game about a character I’ll get attached to and a world I can be invested in.

Are You Hyped for Horizon: Zero Dawn?

Tiger     vs     Rabbit
Tiger: So out of all the surprises, there was one that was heart stopping, literally.

Rabbit: Suzuki coming out on stage and announcing Shenmue III on Kickstarter. Wowza!

Tiger: I don’t think I’ve been that surprised at a Sony press conference since they announced the $600 price tag of the PS3.

Rabbit: That was not a good surprise. This, however, was a good surprise.

Tiger: I have to ask, how are you so excited for a game that you’ve never played its precursors before?

Rabbit: I’ve played Precursor before, on PS2.

Tiger: *pulls Rabbit’s ears* Listen to me! Not Jak and Daxter, I’m talking about Shenmue and its sequel.

Rabbit: Oh, I see, I see-

Tiger: *mutters* Said the blind rabbit.

Rabbit: Well, you only have to talk to other gamers that are… older than we are to know the importance of the Shenmue series. I know we’ve never been Sega gamers but even so, we both know the impact Suzuki Yu has had on the gaming industry.

Tiger: Virtua Fighter, FTW!

Rabbit: This is an opportunity for us to experience a piece of gaming history, something that most people thought was impossible. It already reached its funding goal in record time and the buzz around this game is incredible. I’m not going to miss the chance to play this game, even if I’ve never played the previous iterations.

Tiger: You kickstarted it, didn’t you.

Rabbit: ^grins^ Uh-huh.

Are You Hyped for Shenmue III?

Tiger     vs     Rabbit
Tiger: We’ve talked about a lot of games and cut a lot of games out of the mix. There’s just too much to cover and not enough blog space to fit them all!

Rabbit: There’s one game left to see who’s hyped for it and who’s not. The game that’s last on our list is Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End!

Tiger: *groans* Really? Do we have to talk about this game? It’s going to get so much coverage by the media. It’s Naughty Dog, there’s nothing to really discuss. This game will look amazing, play well, and will be a huge hit for the PlayStation 4.

Rabbit: But there’s a drivable jeep now! And destructible environments! And a skyhook!

Tiger: I think that’s from a different game.

Rabbit: You get my point. Nathan Drake is back but this time he’s older and wiser. The gameplay looks gritty, the levels are larger, and it has a story centered on brotherly love. Aww, how sweet.

Tiger: They didn’t look all that chummy to me.

Rabbit: This is the final hurrah for Team Drake and it looks like they’ll be going out with an Uncharted-esque bang!

Tiger: I get that you’re excited now but I know you're going to cry after you beat the game. This is the end of Drake after all.

Rabbit: ^sniffles^ I love those guys so much, it’s gonna be hard to say goodbye.

Are You Hyped for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End?

Tiger     vs     Rabbit

Tiger: That wraps up our thoughts on some of the biggest and most anticipated titles from E3 2015-

Rabbit: ^waves arms around^ Chotto matte!

Tiger: What now?

Rabbit: Did you really just thumbs down everything from Sony?

Tiger: Uhh, yes I did.

Rabbit: Some Sony fangirl you are.

Tiger: I never said I was a Sony fangir… okay maybe I did but it’s not like I’m not excited for their games, I’m just more excited for others. I know Sony First Party always delivers AAA games so for me, I know exactly what to expect from them. And look who's talking, you thumbs down all of the Ubisoft titles.

Rabbit: Of course, I’ve never been one for their games. Even if I wanted to give them a thumbs up, you would have beat me to death.

Tiger: Well, no matter, there were plenty of games announced and shown at this E3 to make every gamer happy.

Rabbit: I also thought it was strange that you are excited for a lot of games that focus heavily on multiplayer.

Tiger: Yeah, I’m not the biggest fan of multiplayer games but what they showed was pretty awesome. I’m not sure how I’m going to play some of these games but I’m still looking forward to them.

Rabbit: I think this was one of the best E3s we’ve seen in a while. There were actually a few real surprises and good ones to boot. Lots of games, new IPs, and we even saw games that are coming out this year!

Tiger: Yes, I love that we saw new IPs to save us from sequelitis. It felt like E3s of yesteryear showed games that were years away from being released, this time most games had a late 2015 or 2016 date on them. I have to admit I was really disappointed in the early games that came out this year. I felt like there was nothing for me and that maybe I should take a break from gaming but E3 has restored my passion for games.

Rabbit: That’s great news! Too bad we still have to wait months for some of these games to come out.

Tiger: R6 in October, Fallout in November, the Division in March, and Nier in whenever Plat decides to finish it.

Rabbit: It’s so hard waiting, why do they do this to us?

Tiger: *laughs* That’s why they call it “hype.”

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