Friday, July 17, 2015

Random Happy Time, 22 O'Clock - Too Cool for School!
Rabbit and Tiger banter back and forth about what it means to be “cool.” Whether it’s geek chic or trendy gamer, being cool has taken on a whole new meaning in this era were the geeks were right.


Tiger: You just had to get The Faint reference in there, didn’t you?

Rabbit: I love that song!

Tiger: *shakes head*

Rabbit: ^singing^ The geeks were right!

Tiger: So, I’ve started to notice how being a geek is somehow trendy now.

Rabbit: I know, it’s kind of weird.

Tiger: I’m not sure I’m a fan. I’m not saying every geek, fan, or Otaku is this way; but a lot of them seem a little uppity.

Rabbit: Yeah, that happens at the conventions we go to. Remember the one time where a guy was looking for the Valkyria Chronicles anime? He said it like “Val Korea” and some girl jumped down his throat for saying it wrong. Called him out for being a poser and corrected him.

Tiger: I get disliking posers, we’ve met our fair share of them too, but I don’t get why geeks and gamers need to prove their hardcoreness to others. I just don’t get it. I loved gaming when it wasn’t the trendy thing to do so it’s odd to see it in this light.

Rabbit: You’ve never been trendy.

Tiger: *sighs* So true. Even when I buy a really niche game or anime, I’m still not hip because it takes me years to get around to them and by that time, everyone knows about it.

Rabbit: I kinda blame the Big Bang Theory for making geek chic a thing.

Tiger: Oh please don’t bring up that show, I hate it. HATE IT.

Rabbit: Is that why you didn’t buy anything in fuego when we were in there?

Tiger: Yes, partly. A lot of their t-shirts are references from that TV show but I also felt like they were trying too hard. Maybe I’m just too old to play the cool hipster.

Rabbit: You still wear a lot of geeky shirts though.

Tiger: Most are video game themed and I try to get ones that are vague references so you really need to know what it’s about to understand it.

Rabbit: No the "cake is a lie” shirts?

Tiger: That one is getting old along with the "arrows to so many knees", but I do have a token cake shirt.

Rabbit: What’s your favorite “you gotta know to know” shirt?

Tiger: Hmm, tough one but I really like my shirt that has a bunch of sheep drunk at a bar.

Rabbit: Aw, that’s so cute and wrong. Is that a Catherine reference?

Tiger: Bingo. I also have a University of Eastern Colorado hoodie.

Rabbit: Wait; there is no University of Eastern Colorado.

Tiger: Exactly. Go Big Horns! What about you, anything that people might find uber chic?

Rabbit: I have a shirt that has a bunch of different colored glasses on it.

Tiger: You’re so cool, Senpai! Though really, sometimes I don’t get the need to be trendy or popular, especially for geeks. That seems very anti-geek to me.

Rabbit: The Doublclicks said it best, “I’ve got nothing to prove.” But I can understand how some get that mindset. Already, we’re in an “in crowd” with gamers. It’s pretty easy to separate hardcore from casual gamers, not that we need to draw lines in the sand. But you know the difference and it’s more fun to talk with hardcore fans about our passions.

Tiger: I still hold fast that we’re mediumcore gamers.

Rabbit: You’re like Poland.

Tiger: What?

Rabbit: New Zealand?

Tiger: You mean Switzerland, that I’m neutral?

Rabbit: Yeah, that’s it.

Tiger: *shakes head* I feel like a total n00b when we talk about Vocaloids though. Man, some of the people we have met live and die by their love of them. I’ve just branched out to GUMI and now she’s considered old! I can’t keep up.

Rabbit: Poor Tiger, do you need me to get your cane.

Tiger: Dagnabbit, I don’t get these young whippersnappers and their newfangled music.

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