Friday, July 3, 2015

Random Happy Time, 21 O'Clock - I See Games, You See Games!
There are even more games to discuss from E3 2015! Tiger and Rabbit have been watching hours upon hours of coverage from E3 and take the time to share other titles they thought were notable. From indie to AAA and even some tech talk, you will find it all here in this edition of Random Happy Time!


Tiger: *moans* There’s so much to talk about from E3 2015.

Rabbit: It’s like trying to eat a twenty pound turkey all by yourself on Thanksgiving.

Tiger: Only you would attempt that feat.

Rabbit: I wanted to discuss No Man’s Sky but we ran out of space during the Q Attack.

Tiger: I still don’t know how you play that game. You travel in your ship, discover planets, land on those planets, and then what? Kill everything you see?

Rabbit: No. (→_→)

Tiger: Kill other travelers you stumble upon?

Rabbit: No. (←_←)

Tiger: Kill yourself because you go mad from isolation?

Rabbit: Σ(O_O) Why does everything revolve around killing with you?

Tiger: That’s what video games trained me to do.

Rabbit: Well, I guess you can do all of that in No Man’s Sky if you want but you don’t have to. You can search for new planets, explore the ones you’ve found, trade items you collect, or make money by selling your discoveries.

Tiger: I still don’t know how to play it. Firewatch looked cool. I’ve heard good things about that game.

Rabbit: The art style is very unique and I like the premise.

Tiger: I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned Unravel, I thought you’d be all over that.

Rabbit: Yarny looks like a demon! 〜(><)〜 He’s scary!

Tiger: Eitr from Devolver Digital looked interesting. I’d love to see more of that game.

Rabbit: The Vita was actually mentioned during Sony’s presser! Albeit it was only briefly, very, very briefly. I’m surprised you didn’t bring up Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. I thought you were a huge fan?

Tiger: I’m a huge burned out fan, is what I am. I loved the AC series but Black Flag and onwards really killed the franchise for me. I’ll still end up playing Syndicate but it won’t be for a long time. I do think they’ve realized their mistakes so I’m hopeful that they may be able to turn the series around.

Rabbit: They didn’t talk about Morpheus as much as I thought they would.

Tiger: ( ̄_ ̄)・・・ How are you supposed to show off VR without actual demos?

Rabbit: That is a tough one; it’s really one of those things you have to experience firsthand. I loved what we saw with Oculus Rift when we played it so I will probably pick up Morpheus if the price is right.

Tiger: It has to be at or under $400, anything more than that and I think Sony will have troubles. I’d prefer $300 but with new tech, I’m not sure if they can get that price.

Rabbit: They showed off Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

Tiger: Ugh, I wanted to enjoy that game but not being able to see red against a white background made playing it extremely difficult. Let’s hope they fix that for the sequel.

Rabbit: Last but not least is Persona 5! (☆▽☆) It’s getting a western release this year!

Tiger: Not cool.

Rabbit: Huh? I thought you liked the Persona series.

Tiger: I do but with everything else that’s coming out this year, I won’t have time to play them all.

Rabbit: That’s fine, I’ll play it first and then you can play it after me.

Tiger: But you spoil everything and I mean everything. You can’t help but talk about games and their stories.

Rabbit: ^twiddles thumbs^ Sorry. 人(_ _*)

Tiger: So last topic. Do you like the “milk it for all it's worth” posts like we did for Sakura-Con or the “cram as much as we can until it explodes” approach to E3?

Rabbit: I kind of like breaking big events into multiple posts, I feel we get a chance to really discuss the topics versus just skimming over them briefly.

Tiger: I really enjoy cramming everything together. Once you get on a roll, you want to keep on chatting about the topic. Both ways are fun and I'm glad we've been able to utilize each. I do feel bad for our editor though, this E3 post was pretty long.

Rabbit: ^bows^ We’re so sorry, please forgive us! (シ_ _)シ

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