Friday, December 18, 2015

Random Happy Time, 32 O'Clock - Legacy of the Vita!
After discussing current and legacy generation consoles, Tiger and Rabbit contemplate where the Vita stands. Is it dead or has the little console that could seen a resurgence. Find out in this edition of Random Happy Time!


Rabbit: Is the Vita considered legacy?

Tiger: According to some at Sony it is. (´_`。)

Rabbit: I still think of it as being an active console, I mean I picked up more new release Vita games than I did PS4 games this year.

Tiger: You and your otome games.

Rabbit: ^sticks out tongue^ Not all of them were otome games; many were rhythm or straight NVL games.

Tiger: *shakes head*

Rabbit: Hey, I love them!

Tiger: The Vita still has life in it, just a very niche sort of life.

Rabbit: It is true, if you aren't into Japanese games or... Japanese games you are kind of sorry out of luck.

Tiger: Luckily for us, we enjoy those kinds of games.

Rabbit: I wish Sony would support it more with their first party studios but it sounds like that's never going to happen. (ーー;)

Tiger: (ㄒoㄒ) I love the Vita so it's too bad we probably won't get another Uncharted or Killzone on it.

Rabbit: If Vita is legacy what would you call PlayStation VR? Current gen just doesn't sound right.

Tiger: (✖╭╮✖) How about “going into the closet like PS Move gen?”

Rabbit: That's way too long and way too mean.

Tiger: You know it's true. That thing is going nowhere and fast.

Rabbit: But you're still going to get one?

Tiger: *sighs* Yes. ( ;`ヘ´)

Rabbit: And you say I waste money.

Tiger: You waste it more than I do!

Rabbit: o(〃^▽^〃)o We also want to wish everyone a happy holiday season! Hope this time is filled with amazing wonders and zero snow!

Tiger: That’s your wish.

Rabbit: Well, what’s yours then?

Tiger: I wish that our readers have a happy New Year.

Rabbit: You’re excited for 2016, aren’t you?

Tiger: Oh yes, I love even years. That means we have the Olympics! I love sporting events, it will be fun. We’re still planning a trip to EVO too, though I’m not sure if we’ll be able to pull it off. (─‿‿─)

Rabbit: I kind of want to do PAX Prime again.

Tiger: That would be fun too. Decisions, decisions.

Rabbit: I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the new year brings us.

Tiger: Hopefully, a few more readers.

Tiger & Rabbit: Thanks for being with us Qgers and Qbbits! We hope to see you next year too! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

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  1. I think the writing in on the wall for dedicated portable video game systems in the west, at least. Just going by my interest in 3DS and Vita game libraries, they're both hugely lackluster to me unlike last gen with DS and PSP. Why are people favoring 3DS so much over Vita? From my perspective there's no reason at all for why 3DS has sold so many more units.