Friday, December 18, 2015

Q Attack, Round 25 - Is it Time to Leave Legacy Consoles Behind?
With so many games being developed for current gen consoles, their legacy counterparts have seemed to have taken a hit in terms of quality. Is it time for gamers to unplug their legacy consoles and make the switch to current gen or is there still life in these older machines? Tiger and Rabbit weigh the options and debate whether it's time to pull the plug.


Rabbit: I think I'm going to get Persona 5 on PS3 and PS4.

Tiger: Isn't that a waste of money getting the same game on two different platforms?

Rabbit: But I want to support Atlus.

Tiger: You should just get it for the PS4 then, I've made the switch. Especially now when a lot of the games are being developed for the current gen consoles first.

Rabbit: But there are games that you bought the PS3 and Vita versions, like Steins;Gate.

Tiger: That's different though, the Vita is portable so it makes sense to get a version for it. As for the PS3 copy of Steins;Gate, I mostly got that because the Vita limited edition was delayed and I didn't want to wait to play it.

Rabbit: Yet you still haven't played either version.

Tiger: *sighs* Yup.

Rabbit: I don't know, I really like playing games on my PS3 versus on the PS4.

Tiger: Maybe it's because you're just so familiar with the PS3. I know it took me a little time to get used to the PS4 and its operating system let alone the DS4.

Rabbit: The DS4 is so big! And the battery dies so quickly. I much prefer the DS3.

Tiger: I still think you get a better experience on the PS4 versus the PS3. Games generally look better, load faster, and just run smoother.

Rabbit: That's not always the case though. Dragon Age Inquisition didn't look that much better and Destiny didn't seem to load any faster than on PS3.

Tiger: Both of those games came out pretty early in the current gen cycle and I'm sure were being developed for both consoles simultaneously. Look at Call of Duty: Black Ops 3-

Rabbit: Really?

Tiger: Yes, really.

Rabbit:You're going to taint our blog with CoD Talk?

Tiger: Bear with me here.

Rabbit: I'm a rabbit.

Tiger: You know... Never mind, it's futile.

Rabbit: ^grins^

Tiger: The legacy versions of that game won't have a singleplayer campaign and a few other features that the current gen versions have.

Rabbit: That sucks if you're a fan of those games. I know people don't play CoD for the singleplayer but the campaigns are pretty good. Do you at least get a discount if you buy it on the PS3?

Tiger: You do, they're pricing it at $49.99 on PS3.

Rabbit: Wait, they're basically saying that the singleplayer campaign is only worth ten bucks?

Tiger: I know, it's kind of crazy. I feel bad for the people who worked on that campaign.

Rabbit: ^deep voice^ “We appreciate your hard work these past few years but feel that what you did is only worth $10 and we aren't even going to put it in every game!”

Tiger: That's harsh man, that's harsh. Do you think they'll ever do a multiplayer only CoD?

Rabbit: I could see that happening. I know a lot of people only play it for the MP. I wouldn't want games to get into that trend though but I guess we already have that with Destiny.

Tiger: Technically, you can solo Destiny but you do have to be online to play it.

Rabbit: That's another stupid thing about this generation, I hate having to play online when I'm not playing online!

Tiger: That doesn't bother me too much but I'm not as big of a social recluse as you are.

Rabbit: ^sticks out tongue^ Says the kitty who avoids ever leaving the house.

Tiger: I think we're getting off topic. While there are still a lot of great games out there for the legacy consoles, when it comes to the new releases, I think it's time to start focusing on current gen.

Rabbit: I still play my PS3 a lot though. There are so many good games I have in my backlog that need my attention. And while I enjoy my PS4, I just don't feel like there are enough high quality games to take over as my ichiban console.

Tiger: Heck, we still have our PS2s and PS1s plugged in.

Rabbit: Exactly. It took me a long time to switch from PS2 to PS3 and I think it will take even longer for me to make the jump to playing games solely on PS4. While the PS3 had a lot of issues, for me, it's still one of my favorite consoles and I'm not ready to box it up just yet.
Tiger: It's not time to say goodbye to our legacy consoles yet?

Rabbit: Definitely not. I believe the PS3 and other legacy consoles have so much to offer. There are still good games being made for both generations so everyone can enjoy the experience. I couldn't imagine unplugging my PS2 let alone not playing my PS3 anymore. I enjoy my time with the PS4 but right now, there just aren't enough games that I like for the system. I feel as if a lot of the games are good but not great on the PS4 and while it has a lot of games, many are DL games that don't have the robust story or quality I'm looking for. I'm just not ready to completely make the switch to the PS4 so I'll continue buying games for PS3.

Tiger: I disagree with you. If you have the choice between getting a game on PS4 and PS3, you should get it for the PS4. You just get a better experience nowadays on the PS4. The graphics are gorgeous and games run better on the system. Plus, I actually enjoy a lot of the extra features such as sharing and the ease of streaming on the PS4. I do agree that this current gen's offering of games is on the sparse side but that will get better with time. I still play my PS3 and I'm not going to unplug it but I won't be buying any more games for it if they're out on PS4 as well. If you have the new tech, you might as well use it.

Rabbit: You and your newfandangle gizmos.

Tiger: You are so slow to adopt new technology. I remember you were still buying VHS tapes when we had a DVD player. I could not comprehend why you'd do that!

Rabbit: I love my VHS player! I still have it and it's plugged in!

Is it Time to Leave Legacy Consoles Behind?

Tiger     vs     Rabbit

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  1. When it comes to the players packing up their old systems and concentrating solely on the new ones, there should be no reason to feel like you should have to. I'm all about going back and playing games from previous generations that I missed. Having said that, when the new systems are 2 years old, it's time for developers to stop hampering their games by making them cross-gen. Now I do understand why certain Japanese companies are still doing this longer than western studios as far as PS3 and PS4 are concerned because the PS4 has had a slow adoption rate in Japan and in the west it has been selling like crazy since release. At some point though even they need to call it quits on PS3 because then they're just encouraging Japanese gamers to never adopt the new hardware.

    As far as double dipping on the same game goes: Tiger is right and Rabbit is crazy. I double dip sometimes, but only when getting a game on a portable and another copy for a non-portable. The next one I'm gonna do this for will be Darius Burst CS.

    As far as your Call of Duty: Black Ops III example is concerned Activision should have never developed a previous generation version. For whatever reason they had for not including the single player, it's stupid. I don't buy that they couldn't put it in, they simply didn't want to. Give those potential customers the entire experience or nothing at all. Don't tease them with an incomplete version of the game with a minimal discount and call it even.

    I think Rabbit's problem with the DS4 is that the controller's grips are longer and thicker and that forces her to hold it farther back on the grips and thus makes the controls harder to reach. The rest of the DS4 doesn't seem larger to me. The DS4 is fine in my hands and I definitely do not have large hands. My 2 issues with the controller are the rubber coating on the analog sticks (they wear out really fast) and the low capacity battery.

    You still actively use VHS? Rabbit, you're just insane! Congrats, you make me feel younger by comparison even though I know I'm not!