Friday, October 3, 2014

Q Attack, Round 3 - Will the San Jose Sharks Make the Stanley Cup playoffs?
In this entry of Q Attack, Tiger and Rabbit veer off course for a little hockey talk. After a stellar regular season that ended in one of the worst playoff exits in hockey history, the San Jose Sharks have a lot to prove in this upcoming season. Will the San Jose Sharks make the Stanley Cup playoffs? Tiger and Rabbit both have their own opinions on the matter.


Tiger: So I was contemplating whether or not we should do a non-video game centered Q Attack this early. With us being in October and with the new hockey season about to begin, I figured it was now or never to discuss the future of our beloved hockey team.

Rabbit: Yes, I think this is great timing to talk hockey. We might want to give a little backstory for our Qgers and Qbbits that don’t know anything about hockey. You should probably discuss last season especially, that is, if you can handle it.

Tiger: Effing LA.

Rabbit: You’re not supposed to swear on the blog!

Tiger: I’ll edit it all out when I type it up. Stupid purple sucking-

Rabbit: Okay, as you can see, Tiger and I are both hockey fans. Tiger’s the bigger hockey fan, ^whispers^ she takes it a lot more seriously than I do.

Tiger: You’re a pretty big fan yourself; we did watch all the games of the 2013-2014 season together.

Rabbit: That is a fact! Another fact, our favorite team is the San Jose Sharks! Chomp!

Tiger: Located in lovely San Jose, CA; the Sharks are usually a very dominate regular season hockey team and then they turn into a minor league team in the playoffs. They have an inability to win when it actually matters and they implode on themselves like a bunch of-

Rabbit: Souffle! Cause if you bake it wrong, it will collapse.

Tiger: Last season was no different with the Sharks looking like a team that could win the Stanley Cup in the regular season only to fall to the LA Kings in the first round. They were up three games to zero-

Rabbit: A Stanley Cup playoff series is a best of seven, so the team that wins four games, wins the round and can move on to the next series.

Tiger: San Jose made history by letting the freaking Kings win the last four games and take the series.

Rabbit: Tiger cried when it happened.

Tiger: That’s a lie!

Rabbit: Oh no, you cried, I totally saw you.

Tiger: *glares*

Rabbit: We got to spend the rest of the playoff hockey season watching the LA Kings go all the way to win the Stan-

Tiger: Please don’t finish that sentence or I really will cry. *sniffles*

Rabbit: Aww, poor Tiger. ^pats Tiger's head^ There’s always next year. I know this summer was a tough one. Other teams around the league were getting new players and making additions to help them succeed all the while, the Sharks just sat there doing nothing.

Tiger: They did get John Scott who is probably the worst player in the history of forever. That’s a bonus, right? They also stripped our captain of his letter. Oh, and then there’s the Ice Girls, adding sexy cheerleaders to the games because that will make a huge difference.

Rabbit: But it’s a new season! New possibilities! New opportunities!

Tiger: For them to fail.

Rabbit: This was really rough on you, wasn’t it?

Tiger: Why did it have to be against LA?! *raises arms* Out of all the teams, why?! I could’ve handled the Nucks, Chicago, heck even Anaheim would have been better.

Rabbit: We’re also flying down in February to see the Sharks host the Kings at Levi’s Stadium. This will be the first outdoor game the Sharks have ever played in.

Tiger: Ugh, I can’t even think about that, I don’t even think I can handle watching the first game of the season either.

Rabbit: The NHL was especially cruel this year. When the Stanley Cup winner opens at home for the first time in the new season, they have a banner raising ceremony and pass out the Stanley Cup Champion rings to all the players. In this case, LA’s first home game just happens to be the Sharks first game of the entire season…

Tiger: … I can’t… I can’t handle this. *cries*

Rabbit: We have so much to look forward to this season! They have a new direction with a new leader and a new purpose. We’re also going to see our first professional hockey game in ages and an outdoor game to boot!
Tiger: Please just put me out of my misery. Do you think the San Jose Sharks will make the Stanley Cup playoffs?

Rabbit: I say yes because I believe in them but mostly because they didn’t make that many changes this summer. Yes, they did lose a few players and are moving who I consider to be a key forward back to defense in Burns, but I still think they have the drive and talent to make it into the top eight teams from the Western Conference. The young players on the team have the heart to help them overcome the challenges that this season will bring. I also think that they can really use last season’s defeat as fuel for this upcoming season. Light that fire and show them what you’re made of, San Jose Sharks!

Tiger: Oh how I hope you are right but I truly think there’s just too much drama surrounding this team right now. The summer of uncertainty, the fact they keep throwing around the word “rebuild” when they talked about the team, and then they didn’t make any changes at all! Plus, they want to change the culture in the locker room yet they maintain the same people and expect the Sharks mentality to somehow evolve? A part of me is excited for the season. I love watching the game of hockey. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s easy to follow once you know a few basic rules. I just feel like the Sharks, no matter how good they start, will have the stigma of blowing a three game lead in the playoffs hanging over their heads for the entire season. I don’t know if they can ignore that much pressure. Why did we even pick the Sharks as our team?

Rabbit: Um, because they were the only team we could watch on TV after ESPN stopped showing hockey?

Tiger: *hangs head*

Rabbit: Alright Qgers and Qbbits! You’ve got your answer, thanks for reading this slightly depressing entry of Q Attack! We’ll get back to video games next time, until then!

Will the San Jose Sharks Make the Stanley Cup playoffs?

Tiger     vs     Rabbit

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