Friday, October 3, 2014

Random Happy Time, 3 O'Clock! - Twitter and Toast!
Rabbit is back in control with this edition of Random Happy Time! She takes this opportunity to shamelessly plug TvR’s social media accounts and to discuss a very important topic with Tiger.


Rabbit: /(=⌒x⌒=)\ Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening Qgers and Qbbits! Welcome to another edition of-

Tiger: Wait. Just stop. Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑) I've been meaning to ask, what is with the Qgers and Qbbits?

Rabbit: I thought we needed to come up with a catchy name for our fans. Since our main theme here is answering questions, ala Q Attack, I came up with those two names. Tiger’s fans are Qgers and my fans are Qbbits. Clever, right? It’s like they’re our own version of the QForce!

Tiger: Not really and you’re assuming they want these cutesy names.

Rabbit: They are awesome names, I’m sticking with them. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Tiger: I thought you were going to quit using the emoticons too.

Rabbit: ^pauses^ ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

Tiger: (ノ`Д)ノ:・’∵:.┻┻

Rabbit: |ω・)و ̑̑༉ You missed me! So as I was saying Qgers and Qbbits! TvR is now on Twitter! We’ll be posting updates on our account but the main reason why we created one is so that we can have a new segment called Quick Q Attack! You can ask us a yes/no or either/or question via Twitter and we’ll give you an answer in 140 characters or less! Amazing, right?

Tiger: When did we decide to do this?! *shakes fist at Rabbit* You can’t just come up with these things without telling me first!

Rabbit: ^whimpers^ You told me I could run the Twitter account. I thought it’d be fun to do.

Tiger: *sighs* Fine, you can do your little segment. Just don’t go all emoticon crazy again, okay?

Rabbit: Yahoo! Thank you! 〜(^∇^〜) 〜(^∇^)〜 (〜^∇^)〜

Tiger: (-‸ლ) You’re welcome, honey.

Rabbit: We also have a an email address now where you can send us your own Q Attack questions or Versus Mode scenarios and we’ll answer them in future blog posts. You can find us on Twitter @TigervsRabbit and email us at!

Tiger: Seriously? You used a Microsoft email address for our almost entirely PlayStation focused blog?

Rabbit: ^pouts^ It was already taken on Gmail. Anyway, I’ve got an important topic to discuss in this Random Happy Time!

Tiger: Okay, shoot me with it.

Rabbit: ~(^◇^)/ Toast.

Tiger: Oh no, not this.

Rabbit: Yes, this. I want to talk about our love for toast. I love toast so much that I use a ton of blankets on my bed.

Tiger: What does that have to do with toast?

Rabbit: Because I want to be toasty all the time. I want to be one with the toast.

Tiger: *hangs head* I shouldn’t have asked.

Rabbit: I love toast so much that if he asked me to marry him today, I would do it in a flash.

Tiger: Oh my. *shakes head* It is true that toast is pretty awesome. It’s easy to make, you can put almost anything on it, and it goes with everything.

Rabbit: I’m in love with Mr. White Bread who likes to wear Nutella and strawberries.

Tiger: Wow, that sounds super sweet. I’m on a plain old sourdough toast with a little butter kick right now.

Rabbit: Such a simple choice. You just don’t have the refined palette like I have.

Tiger: You better wrap this entry up before I bop you on the head.

Rabbit: 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 Wai! You’re so violent!

Tiger: *shakes fist*

Rabbit: Thanks Qgers and Qbbits! Make sure to send us your questions via @TigervsRabbit on Twitter or email us at! I hope to see you again soon! That is, if I survive Tiger's fury! /(=xェx=)\

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