Friday, October 17, 2014

Random Happy Time, 4 O'Clock! - The Origins of Tiger and Rabbit!
Rabbit takes the time to chat about the origins of TvR and how their character designs came to be in this issue of Random Happy Time! Tiger and Rabbit also discuss the anime, Kekkaishi.


Rabbit: Welcome back TvR faithful! Today’s topic is about the origins of cute ‘iddle Tiger and happy baby Rabbit where we will discuss the backstory of how we came to be. So Tiger, why don’t you start by telling us how you got your name.

Tiger: I got the nickname of Tiger from a couple of fellow Tae Kwon Do students back in the day.

Rabbit: You really are dangerous. U。・.・。U

Tiger: It was a play on my name, if you must know. (=TェT=) It didn’t have anything to do with my so-called violent nature.

Rabbit: I actually gave myself my name. I was tired of being mistaken for you all the time and wanted a name that stood out. So I used my Chinese zodiac symbol as my name!

Tiger: We are kind of identical.

Rabbit: Nope. I’m so much cooler than you are. ^sticks out tongue^

Tiger: Hardy har har.

Rabbit: Do you know why we chose the colors we did?

Tiger: I do, it’s from the sealing beads of Madarao and Hakubi from the Anime, Kekkaishi.

Rabbit: Yes, Madarao has purple beads and Hakubi wears green beads. Doesn’t this seem a little backwards to you though?

Tiger: How so?

Rabbit: Well I picture you to be a lot like Madarao, he’s the older of the two and he’s more sarcastic. Whereas Hakubi is the younger and more energetic one yet you’re the color of Hakubi and I’m the color of Madarao.

Tiger: Well we chose the colors of our favorite character and Habuki is mine. He also fights alongside the Yukimura family, which consists of my favorite human character in Kekkaishi, Yukimura Tokine. Plus, he says “honey” a lot which is so cute!

Rabbit: That’s funny. I like how cool Madarao is, especially when he transforms back to his true form. My favorite human is Sumimura Yoshimori, he’s funny.

Tiger: And you are a lot like him too.

Rabbit: You think? (´・_・`)

Tiger: Well you both sleep a lot, you're kind of naive, and you both tend to just jump right in without thinking anything through.

Rabbit: (,,#゚Д゚) Hey! That’s not true. Anyway, as for our looks, I know we worked with Dan the Artist quite a bit on our designs.

Tiger: He nailed my character the first time, with only a minor expression change. Yours was harder though. You went through a few iterations before he got how you wanted to look down on paper.

Rabbit: What can I say? He wanted perfection with me, you were just an afterthought. (⌒▽⌒)

Tiger: (;¬_¬) You definitely are a piece of something. Before we go, don’t you have a teaser?

Rabbit: Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Listen up Qgers and Qbbits! Tiger vs Rabbit has a special guest coming later this year who will sit down with us and talk video games. For now, we will just refer to him as “The Partner.” (◉Θ◉) If you have any questions, send us an email or message us on Twitter and we’ll pick one for our TvR Tag Tournament topic! Look forward to it!

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