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Versus Mode, Round 1 - The Legend of Dragoon vs Legend of Legaia, Ready? Fight!
Warning: The following presentation contains major spoilers, reader discretion is advised.

In the first edition of Versus Mode, Tiger and Rabbit will go head-to-head in an all out grudge match. Only one can survive, which game will prevail? Originally released on PlayStation in 2000, The Legend of Dragoon has become a cult classic with numerous requests for a sequel. Legend of Legaia got its sequel but the original released for PlayStation in 1999 remains a fan favorite.


Rabbit: I feel we need a “suit up” montage like Sailor Moon or Ronin Warriors. Where the video shows us each donning the armor of our prospective game choices. You could wear Rose’s armor and I could wear Terra because we all know she’s the coolest Ra-Seru.

Tiger: And have one of those Drakengard 3 battle theme songs playing in the background.

Rabbit: Hai-yah! Karate chop-u-head-off!

Tiger: Welcome everyone to our first Versus Mode segment. The rules are a little different than with Q Attack. First off, instead of a yes/no question, we pose an either/or scenario. We pick sides right off the bat and duke it out-

Rabbit: In no holds barred battle to the death!

Tiger: Now who’s the violent one? I would totally whip you in a real fight.

Rabbit: Why do you think that?

Tiger: I have claws, you have… fuzzy ears.

Rabbit: My secret ultra special move is the Super Fuzzy Earhilator Power Punch that can be combined with my Ultimate Form Spinning Cotton Tail Tornado of Doom!

Tiger: *rolls eyes* Getting back to Versus Mode, we each pick a side and then battle it out to see who can reign supreme. So our first Versus Mode has us choosing between two PlayStation era JRPGs, The Legend of Dragoon and Legend of Legaia.

Rabbit: ^raises hands^ Oh! Oh! Legend of Legaia is the best!

Tiger: No way! It’s too cartoonish. The Legend of Dragoon is the better game; those CGI cut scenes, man!

Rabbit: Looks aren’t everything and Legaia has the better gameplay with the Tactical Arts combat. You basically accrue Art Points (AP) by dealing physical damage or taking damage, when you’ve saved up enough points you can unleash your Arts moves. You don’t just select the fight button like some other game I know but you actually input your moves using the d-pad to make combos. It’s like a turn-based fighting game. It’s definitely not a static experience like Dragoon.
Tiger: Hold your horses. While Dragoon is a turn-based JRPG too, it also doesn’t have you sit there and watch the action unfold on screen. In The Legend of Dragoon, your characters eventually obtain Dragoon Spirits which allows them to transform into their armor forms. In this form, they can use Spirit Points (SP) to unleash powerful attacks. Using these attacks bring up the Additions combat system which is kind of a like a quick-time event. It actually gets pretty hard to pull off the more powerful combos so practice is needed.

Rabbit: Well Legaia also has magical attacks and a “gotta catch ‘em all” gameplay mechanic. Once your three party members obtain their Ra-Seru partner, that is the cool little alien like spirit monster thingy, you can then cast magical spells. But these aren’t just your standard hocus pocus spells, with every Seru you fight in battle and defeat, you have a chance of absorbing their powers and acquiring a new spell. So you aren’t just limited to having a healer or a spell caster, all three party members can acquire the same spells, so you can balance out the healing load.

Tiger: That is another reason why Dragoon is better than Legaia.

Rabbit: What is?

Tiger: Legaia only allows you to use the same three characters throughout the entire game. In The Legend of Dragoon, you can choose your party members from a group of nine. Some of the best characters show up later in the game and sometimes you just want to have different spells or attacks on your team. Why would you want to be stuck with the same three characters the entire game?

Rabbit: Because they’re awesome! Vahn, the main protagonist, is so cool and calm under pressure. Noa, who is my favorite, is cute and spunky! Then there’s Gala who is a fighting monk, who doesn’t love that?

Tiger: With Dragoon you get to choose your characters though! You always have Dart, the protagonist, in your party as well as Shana and Lavitz Slambert early on. Shana isn’t that great so I always swap her out for Rose, who is absolutely amazing. Lavitz is the best until he dies. *sniffles* Then you get stupid Albert who sucks. But having a choice in which characters you use is the best.

Rabbit: The story is cooler in Legaia. The world gets covered by this mysterious Mist that turns the Seru into human leaching bad guys. As Vahn, your village is attacked and you get your Ra-Seru that allows you to use magic. You eventually met up with Noa and Gala who also have Ra-Seru. Then you band together to revive Genesis Trees, which nullifies the Mist, and destroy the Mist Generators across the land.

Tiger: Lame! As Dart, your village is not only attacked but destroyed by the Black Monster. There’s also a huge civil war going on and plots galore! I don’t want to go into too much detail but Dart obtains a Dragoon Spirit which allows him to transform into an awesome winged-armor wearing Dragoon. The music in The Legend of Dragoon is so much better too.

Rabbit: But can you fish?! Huh?! Huh?! Fishing is amazing in Legend of Legaia! That right there makes it the number one game!

Tiger: *laughs* Alright, I give up. We’ll let the readers decide which game they think is better.

Rabbit: See’mon Qbbits! Help me beat Tiger and her crazy band of Qgers!

Tiger: Before we wrap this up, we have a Bonus Round! Get ready!

Rabbit: Oh I'm ready, bring it!
Versus Mode Bonus Round – Rose vs Noa, Ready? Fight!

Tiger: This hand of mine glows with an awesome power; its burning grip tells me to defeat you!

Rabbit: The School of the Undefeated of the East!

Tiger: The winds of Kings!

Rabbit: Zenshin!

Tiger: Keiretsu!

Rabbit: Tempa Kyouran!

Tiger & Rabbit: Look! The East is burning red!

Tiger: Oh my gosh! I can totally picture you as Master Asia riding Fuunsaiki.

Rabbit: I could so rock that horse.

Tiger: For those of you that have no idea what just happened here, that was from Mobile Fighter G Gundam and I apologize for starting that whole thing. I wanted to do a quick bonus round about our favorite characters from this Versus Mode. Mine is Rose from The Legend of Dragoon. I can’t go into too much detail about why she is so awesome because it would spoil a major portion of the game, but she is so cool. Always serious and a bit cold, Rose is an absolute badass when she first joins your party. She is a rapier master, which makes her one of the stronger and faster characters in the game. She can also use vampiric magic and the only in-game character that has stronger abilities is the protagonist. Astral Drain baby!

Rabbit: My favorite character from Legend of Legaia is Noa! She’s an orphan who is raised by an awesome wolf named Terra. She’s a goofy and fun-loving person who fights with claws. I’d have to spoil the story to talk more about her but I love the way she looks. Her dark pink hair is awesome and she really becomes a great ally to the other party members. My favorite move of hers is her Super Arts called Triple Lizard, so awesome! She’s just a super fun character and really brings some laughs to the team.

Tiger: Alright, that’s it for our first edition of Versus Mode! I hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll continue to read TvR!

Tiger & Rabbit: These hands of ours are burning red! Their loud cries tell us to grasp happiness! Erupting burning finger! Seki! Ha! Love-love ten! Kyou! Kennnn!!!!!!!!

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